Men's Summer Look: Beige Jacket, Grey Jumper, White T-Shirt and Blue Jeans

Today's look consisting in combining light colours will perfectly emphasize your tanned skin in summer.

It is to be worn in cool weather when a plain T-shirt is not enough for walking in the street.

Check this men's style look from Justus Frederic Hansen Instagram.

Combine a beige lightweight jacket, a grey long sleeve jumper and a white T-shirt with light blue denim jeans.

Today's style hero:

  • Justus Frederic Hansen – German male model and men's style blogger;
  • Justus has more than 323 thousand followers on his Instagram profile – @justusf_hansen.

Main look elements:

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Beige Jacket

Men's Beige Jacket

In summer, a lightweight jacket is the best option to put on when it's cool.

You can choose between a jacket with a zip fastener or with buttons. The second variant is preferable for this outfit.

It looks brilliant when combined with a white T-shirt under it and a grey long sleeve jumper.

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Long Sleeve Grey Jumper

Men's Long Sleeve Grey Jumper

It's known that grey and beige are a particularly good match, so a grey long sleeve jumper will splendidly fit a beige jacket.

Jumpers usually refer to the items of clothing to wear in winter or at least in autumn/spring, but there are types of jumpers that you can wear in summer as well.

Different jumpers can be worn in different weather – there are plenty of various fabrics that this garment is made of.

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Men's White T-Shirt

Men's White T-Shirt

A plain white T-shirt is an excellent choice to wear in summer – it emphasizes the tan of your skin and can be worn in hot weather.

Indeed, light colors (especially white) are known to be not as hot as the darker ones.

Besides, you can wear a white T-shirt under practically any article of clothing – in our case, under a beige jacket and a grey long sleeve jumper.

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Men's Light Blue Denim Jeans

Men's Light Blue Denim Jeans

Combine the above-mentioned articles of clothing with light blue denim jeans.

Jeans have always been the fanciest kind of trousers in men.

Since 1871, it has been worn by a great number of men.

Jeans are made of denim, typically – blue denim.

It always perfectly fits white sneakers; it'll also be well-suited to our outfit.

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White Sneakers for Men

Men's White Sneakers

Being the most fashionable and convenient type of shoes, sneakers gained the immense popularity among both men and women all over the world.

Be sure to get white sneakers for this outfit – it's THE colour to make a good match with the garments of this look.

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Short Socks for Sneakers (Invisible Socks)

Men's Short Socks for Sneakers

Nowadays it's fancy to shorten the length of trousers.

Naked ankles look sexy and attractive.

For this, you are to wear special short socks.

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