Practical and casual denim men's look: ripped jeans and jacket of different shades, combined with Steel Accessories

It's quite undoubtedly that denim is the essential basis of every man's wardrobe.

The king of casual style. It's hard to think of something that can be so practical and comfortable at the same time.

Maybe it is the reason why an average American has approximately from 4 to 6 pairs of jeans.

This look has it all — casual basis performed by denim clothes, contrasting black duet of a T-shirt and sneakers and matchable, but still distinguishable accessories.

Today's style hero:

  • Edgaras Jaselionis — popular Lithuanian men's style blogger, fitness and healthy life enthusiast.

The main elements of this style:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

Men's Blue Denim Jacket

Men's Blue Denim Jacket

Denim jacket is truly a time proved symbol of freedom and independence.

Originated as Italian military uniform it turned to a fashionable Must Have only in 100 years.

Nowadays, denim jacket is a part of American culture, which helps to represent character and individualism via outfits. What can prove your strong personality better, than such a thick, strong and reliable fabric?

A rhetorical question, isn't it? It stays beyond trends and as basis of casual style denim jacket can be combined almost to everything!

If you are still doubting whether you need it or not, then be sure, that denim jacket is always a top idea.

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Men's Black Short-Sleeved T-shirt

Men's Short-Sleeved T-shirts

Black is the new black. Black is the old black.

Black is black and it has nothing to prove.

No need to reinvent the wheel – keep it simple.

Basic black T-shirt combined with right accessories can slay every outfit without overloading it.

Find your perfect basic T-shirt: choose the right fabric, neck shape, length and you will always have a perfect foundation for every trendy casual look.

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Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

"Double denim" outfit may be quite a controversial choice, but different shades, fabric structures and ripped jeans turn it to the stylish and offbeat look.

A good pair of ripped jeans can free your imagination and now it is you who decides what it means: are you a traveler? Or a rebel? Maybe an artist?

Why don't you feel like a rock star this evening?

It is all up to you now. One thing and so many opportunities.

You don't even have to think it up – your outfit will speak for yourself.

A bad boy. A skater. Or both at a time, why not?

Your only responsibility is to find a pair that will fit. The main advantage of ripped jeans that you can make them yourself any time of any old jeans you can find in your wardrobe.

Be creative, but don't go too far – it tends to be that simple cuts on the knees are more than enough.

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Men's Black Sneakers

Men's Black Sneakers

The time when sneakers were used only for sport has passed.

Comfortable, stylish – they had no chance to remain unnoticed.

People wear it at weddings, at work... well, almost everywhere.

Believe it or not, but today you can meet a person wearing sneakers even at the special event.

Black colored version may become a nice contrasting finish to almost every outfit.

It can make your look risky. it can make your look classy.

It will definitely make you look outstanding.

Just remember one thing: it is really hard to ruin your look with a good pair of black sneakers.

So feel free to improvise.

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Men's Double Bracelet

Men's Double Bracelet

Accessories are inevitable just because they make the outfit look finished.

This double bracelet will become a feather in your cap.

Nothing to add, nothing to remove. Perfection.

Eye-catching detail.


It may surprise you, but bracelets were originally worn by men only.

So be a viking of today by showing your accessory of strength and power.

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Men's Stainless Steel Necklace

Men's stainless steel necklace

Ever dreamed of an offbeat men's jewelry?

Something that will represent your character and personality?

There's hardly anything that can suit for it like a knife-shaped stainless steel necklace.

Strict lines and understandable signal – "I am a man. Be aware".

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Men's Stainless Steel Ring

Men's stainless steel ring

Devil in the details means that you have to choose your outfit's details wisely.

Such a geometrical ring will make a good accent your strong arms and will look good almost on everyone.

Also, rings are good thing to start with if you've never used accessories in your look.

They are easy to choose and easy to wear.

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Men's Black Sunglasses

Men's black sunglasses

When we look at someone's face we see sunglasses first (in case if they are on).

They help us to understand who stands in front of us: a businessman, an artist or a popular person.

It is really nice when sunglasses fit not only according to the shape of your face, but also according to your personality.

The shape of the black sunglasses used in this look is quite universal and may be combined almost with every outfit.

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