Menswear Winter Look: Black Winter Coat with Fur, Blue Ripped Jeans And Black Boots

In winter it's not always easy to look fashionable and imposing.

We'd like you to evaluate this outfit consisting of a black winter coat with fur, blue ripped jeans and black boots with a bracelet and solid ring to add style.

Check this gorgeous look from Danielo Costa Instagram.

Combine black and blue.

Today's style hero:

  • Danielo Costa – popular male model, menswear blogger and influencer;
  • Danielo has 150 thousand followers on his Instagram profile – @danielo_costa.

Main look elements:

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Black Winter Coat With Fur

Men's Black Winter Coat With Fur

In winter you certainly can't do without wearing a warm garment, for better or worse.

A black winter coat with fur meets both purposes – it will make an adorable impression and surely won't let you freeze down.

With blue ripped jeans and black boots a stylish winter coat is certain to look very attractive and imposing.

Pay attention to the size as well: it shouldn't be too loose or tight – that will spoil the look.

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Blue Ripped Jeans

Men's Blue Ripped Jeans

Over the past few years, there has been a revival of popularity of ripped jeans, which first became fashionable in the late 1980s.

If you're eager to look bold and stylish, a pair of ripped jeans will definitely be the most suitable variant.

As for the colour, blue jeans match this outfit best.

Moreover, it is blue ripped jeans that are currently considered as the fanciest ones.

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Black Boots

Men's Black Boots

Besides for reasons of fashion and style, boots are typically worn for protecting the foot from cold, water, mud.

This type of footwear is made of various materials, the most usual among them being leather.

They vary in style as well, but most boots chiefly cover the foot and ankle – this outfit requires this very type.

Be sure to choose only quality boots which will keep your feet warm and protect you from water and snow.

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Men's Bracelet

Men's Bracelet

Finish your look by wearing a couple of accessories.

This outfit is best to be complemented with an attractive, fashion men's bracelet to add some chic and elegance.

You are free to choose among a variety of options – the main thing is for it to make a good match with the look.

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Solid Ring for Men

Men's Solid Ring

To produce a still more stunning effect, complete the look with a solid ring for men in addition to a bracelet.

There are always a great many variants of diverse rings available – you should decide on the most appropriate option to fit the bracelet and the look in general.

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