Menswear Spring Look: Beige Coat, White Shirt, Blue Pants, Beige Chelsea Boots

A look for today is an exquisite combination of garments emphasizing a good taste coupled with a mild yet purely manly disposition.

The outfit comprises a beige coat, white shirt, blue pants and beige Chelsea boots.

Among the secondary elements are a black belt, blue knitted scarf, leather bracelet and steel ring.

So, check this refined look from Fabian Kitzweger Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Fabian Kitzweger – Austrian male model, men's style blogger and traveler;
  • The number of his followers on Instagram exceeds 200 thousand – @fabiankitzweger.
  • Fabian was also awarded a title of Mister Austria 2015.

The elements of the look:

Men's accessories which spice up the outfit:

Image source:

Beige coat for men

Beige coat for men

Men's coats are probably the best choice for ones who appreciate not only comfort and protection from cold weather but also style and good looks.

A beige coat features refined elegance which will definitely appeal to those being eager to look really exquisite.

There are a number of options closing by means of a belt, zippers, buttons and so on.

We recommend you a classical variant with buttons.

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White shirt for men

White shirt for men

Strict yet fancy, men's white shirts are known to be one of the most popular garments for men.

Such a style is particularly adored by women, especially by those who are fond of earnest, business-like men.

White shirts look fantastic not only with classical black trousers.

When worn with jeans or similar types of pants, it produces the impression of semi-strict/semi-casual style, which looks serious and fashionable at the same time.

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Men's black belt

Men's black belt

Before proceeding to pants, we'd like you to pay attention to a belt, which is to look harmonic and stylish with the shirt and pants.

You'd best decide on a men's black leather belt to make a perfect match with the other elements of the look.

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Men's blue pants

Men's blue pants

As has been said, a white men's shirt will greatly look with simple pants or jeans.

Blue pants are certain to perfectly fit the garments, making a good contrast to white and beige and emphasizing the shape of your legs.

To look really fashionable is no difficult today — it’s all about properly combining styles and colours!

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Men's beige Chelsea boots

Men's beige Chelsea boots

This appealing type of boots was designed almost two hundred years ago; it was very popular in the middle and the beginning of the second half of the previous century.

Over the past years, it has regained an immense popularity — especially among men.

Beige Chelsea boots will perfectly match the coat, as well as the other garments.

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Men's blue knitted scarf

Men's blue knitted scarf

In cold weather, you need your throat and lungs to be protected — and what will do better than a thick scarf which, besides, adds you style and elegance?

A blue knitted scarf is the best option to match the pants and make the contrast to the shirt and coat.

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Leather bracelet for men

Leather bracelet for men

Any fancy look needs some accessories to add style to the outfit.

A leather bracelet for men will be a good addition to the look in general and the black leather belt in particular.

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Men's steel ring

Men's steel ring

Finish your look with a men's steel ring to produce a still more stunning effect.

Feel free to choose among the variants the one to fit you best.

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Did you like this look?

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