Men's Summer Combination: White T-shirt, Grey Ripped Jeans, and Casual Brown Loafers

This stylish outfit consisting of a white T-shirt, grey ripped jeans, and casual brown loafers perfectly reflects the new wave of today's fashion.

Accessories such as steel necklace, steel rings and steel strap watch make it look really adorable.

Check this fancy men's look from Luke Baldman Instagram.

Combine white, grey and brown; perfect it by adding some steel.

Today's style hero:

  • Luke Baldman – charismatic German model and men's style blogger;
  • Luke has about 36 thousand followers on Instagram – @luke.baldman.

Main look elements:

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Men's White T-shirt

Men's White T-shirt

It's no secret that currently the most fashionable colour of shirts is… white.

It's simple, plain, yet stylish, especially when combined with appropriate accessories.

No bright, colourful hues are really fancy nowadays – you are certain to produce a desirable effect by wearing just a plain white T-shirt.

It also perfectly emphasizes the tan of your body, making you ever manlier and seductive.

Likewise, it's the best option to wear in hot weather.

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Grey Ripped Jeans

Men's Grey Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans became popular as far back as the late 1980s, when there was a rise in popularity of hard rock and heavy metal.

In the last two decades, during the so-called “grunge era”, they considered to be quite fashionable as well.

In the early 2010s there was a revival of this style, which has been lasting till today.

Ripped jeans look bold and very fancy, and grey is obviously the best colour to fit a white T-shirt and brown loafers.

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Men's Casual Brown Loafers

Men's Casual Brown Loafers

Loafers (also referred to as slip-ons or slippers) are known to be lace-less low shoes that were designed in the last century and are worn by a great many men nowadays.

Indeed, their popularity can be easily accounted for by the fact that they are both stylish and convenient.

In addition, loafers can be worn in many situations; there are a variety of designs and colours.

Brown loafers will make a good match with grey ripped jeans and a white T-shirt.

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Men's Steel Necklace

Men's Steel Necklace

Perfect your look by wearing some accessories made of steel.

You can wear one or two men's steel necklaces of different type – they are sure to look great against a white T-shirt.

This will add some style to your outfit.

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Men's Steel Rings

Men's Steel Rings

Besides a steel necklace (or necklaces), there are steel rings to make your look more stylish and saucy.

Wear no more than one or two rings on each hand to look fancy but not too fussy.

They are certainly better to be of different design as well.

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Steel Strap Watch

Men's Steel Strap Watch

Of course, no outfit looks really great without adding to it such an important accessory as watch.

In order for a watch to fit your necklace and rings, it is to be with a steel strap.

Decide on the most suitable variant to append your outfit and at the same time look fancy.

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