Men's Summer Look: Blue Jeans Shirt, Chinos Trousers and White Sneakers

Today we'll consider a brilliant example of casual men's fashion style consisting of jeans shirt, chinos trousers, and sneakers.

The combination of blue, stone and white looks really adorable.

This street-style look will perfectly fit for having a walk and is bound to produce an irresistible effect.

So, here's a dashing outfit from Rowan Row Instagram.

Today's style hero:

  • Rowan Row – exquisite British male model and famous fashion blogger;
  • The number of his followers on Instagram exceeds 480 thousand – @rowanrow.

Main look elements:

Picture source:

Men's Blue Jeans Shirt

Blue Jeans Shirt for Men

It goes without saying such material as denim is never out-of-date.

Moreover, lately there has been a fashion revival of jeans shirts as well.

A lightweight men's jeans shirt can be worn both in spring and in summer depending on the weather.

The color of denim should be light-blue to match the other elements of the look.

In fact, heavy hues coordinate worse with most clothes.

Be sure to choose the right size – too big shirt will spoil the effect.

Still, it should be sufficiently loose around your torso and arms so you can move easily.

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Men's Chinos Trousers

Men's Chinos Trousers

It's no surprise for anyone that chinos are the best variant to style with denim.

They are ideal for casual looks and may be worn with some smart clothes as well.

Chinos are originally made of 100% cotton; yet, today they are found in cotton-synthetic blends as well.

They must be stone or camel to match the jeans shirt.

The size is of major importance – baggy or too tight chinos certainly won't do.

Chinos look especially great with their length shortened.

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Men's White Sneakers

White Sneakers for Men

All-white sneakers have always been in style, they present a kind of shoes that are extremely trendy and at the same time very comfortable.

They belong to those wardrobe essentials that are certain to produce a stunning effect if worn properly, that is, if the sneakers and the rest of outfit match.

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Watch With Black Leather Strap

Men's Watch With Black Leather Strap

A fancy watch has remained a splendid accessory to perfect practically any look.

A black leather strap makes an excellent accomplishment to the whole outfit.

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Men's Sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses

You can refine this look by wearing sunglasses. It will add chic to your appearance.

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Men's Black Leather Bracelet

Men's Black Leather Bracelet

Complete the look by wearing a black leather bracelet for men.

Keep in mind that watches and bracelet mustn't be worn on the same hand.

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Did you like this look?

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