A beautiful men's image with a combination of white and brown colors with jeans and silver elements

Every man wants to look every day courageously and brutally, but what colors and elements in clothes can express a real man's character?

With the help of this image, combining ripped jeans and a brown jacket, you will show your masculine personality, which cannot help but pay attention to women.

And if you add silver accessories to all this, then the image will be completely complete.

Today's style hero:

  • Valentín Benet has about 290k followers on Instagram – @valentinbenet.

The main elements of a street style's outfit:

Image source: instagram.com/valentinbenet

Men's Leather brown jacket

Leather brown jacket for men

Brown leather jacket is a great alternative to black, because it belongs to the universal elements of the wardrobe and blends in with the different things.

It is great for creating a variety of images, regardless of stylistic direction.

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Men's long white t-shirt

Men's long white t-shirt

Recently, elongated men's t-shirts have become very popular.

White is the perfect match not only with a brown jacket, but also with jeans - which is no timeless classic.

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Men's blue ripped jeans

Men's blue ripped jeans

Every year, designers offer new models of men's jeans and ripped jeans - this is one of the most popular types of these clothes. These jeans fit perfectly into a comfortable and always fashionable wardrobe.

And the combination of white t-shirt and blue jeans will never get bored.

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Men's white sneakers

Men's white sneakers

White sneakers - sports shoes, which have long been included in the casual men's wardrobe.

White color will highlight the color of your T-shirt, and blending with a jacket will make the image more brutal.

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Men's dog tag necklace

Men's dog tag necklace

Such a seemingly insignificant thing in the image can give it that very highlight.

The key to success for men who look like a million: brutal jewelry.

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Men's steel ring

Men's steel ring

We will complete the image with a men's steel ring.

The combination of obesity and rings will give the image the missing luxury part.

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